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EPS Emergency Power System

Issuing time:2019-07-24 00:00

At present, the EPS emergency power supply specially designed for fire emergency measures has certain advancement and practicability. It can realize the monitoring and processing of microcomputers, fire-fighting facilities such as fire emergency lighting, rolling doors, fire elevators, water pumps and exhaust fans. Implement automatic control. Such products are mostly used in high-rise buildings, airports, telecommunications network rooms, hospitals, important venues and other projects. Has the following characteristics:

(1) When the power grid is powered, it is static, no noise, less than 60 dB, no need for smoke exhaust and anti-shock treatment;

(2) Automatic switching, unattended operation, switching time between grid and EPS power supply is 0.1s to 0.25s;

(3) Strong carrying capacity, EPS is suitable for inductive, capacitive and comprehensive load equipment, such as fire elevators, pumps, fans, emergency lighting, etc.;

(4) Reliable use, in two-machine hot standby mode in important occasions, to ensure reliable power supply in case of accidents and fires, the life of the main engine can reach 20a or more, and the battery is 5a~10a.

(5) Adapt to the harsh environment, can be placed in the basement or power distribution room, can be placed close to the emergency load use site to reduce the power supply line;

(6) For some power facilities with large power, such as: fire pumps, fans, EPS can be directly connected with the motor to start the inverter, and then enter the normal operating state;

(7) Emergency standby time, the standard type is 60min (with delay interface).

Third, EPS emergency power supply and UPS power supply comparison

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) power supply method is expensive, especially the online UPS, which has low conversion efficiency and long-term continuous operation, which inevitably causes waste of electric energy. In fact, the UPS is suitable for information load.

Comparison of EPS emergency power supply and UPS power supply:

Function : EPS emergency power supply UPS uninterruptible power supply

Operation mode: Adopt offline operation mode, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise. Online operation mode, efficiency 70%, high noise

Output: AC and DC uninterruptible power supply

Volume: small

Conversion time: no more than 4ms, fully meet the general AC load usage such as lighting, no more than 10 ms, but high cost of lighting and general AC load

Efficiency: 99% 70% to 90%

System composition: simple, low failure rate, complex, high failure rate

Fourth, EPS emergency power supply and distributed emergency power supply comparison

The decentralized emergency power supply method is the most widely used in current fire protection, but it can only be limited to emergency lighting. With the popularization of building intelligence and the improvement of fire safety facilities, in addition to lighting, it is necessary to supply power for various emergency equipment such as water supply, ventilation, monitoring, etc., distributed emergency power supply can not meet the needs, and EPS emergency power supply is fully qualified for its work. .

V. Conclusion

With the advancement and development of society and the continuous improvement of environmental requirements, fire safety has become more and more important. EPS will be recognized by more and more people with its unique superiority. As a reliable emergency power supply, EPS emergency power supply can be flexibly used in the end of fire power supply loop and in some important occasions. The use of EPS emergency power supply provides a more powerful guarantee for fire safety.

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