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Fire Inspection System

Issuing time:2019-07-24 00:00

With the rapid development of the city, various buildings are increasing, the use of various flammable materials, and people's awareness of fire prevention are not strong, which greatly increases the possibility of fire. Although each building is currently equipped with a fire extinguishing system, experience and lessons have proved that the success of a fire is mainly determined by whether the fire water supply equipment is in good condition. The fire pump is an important part of the water fire extinguishing system. It is characterized by long-term use. It is 100% effective once it is used. Due to the long-term idle state and the humid environment of the pump house, it is easy to generate the fire pump shaft and The impeller rust, rust and electrical components can not be used normally, and even in the event of fire, the fire pump can not operate normally, can not extinguish the fire, and endanger the lives and property of the people.

We just want to start frequently and there will be no rust and other phenomena, but there are two difficulties in starting up frequently. First, we need someone to be responsible and waste human resources. Second, because the power of the fire pump is relatively large, the current will be very high when the instantaneous start is started. Large, this will not only consume electricity resources but also bring instability to the surrounding voltage, and will generate a large water pressure, which may cause damage to the piping system. How to solve these problems? After long-term research, our company has developed JT-XFXJ series intelligent digital fire inspection equipment, which can effectively solve these problems by effectively checking the low-speed non-pressure automatic inspection of the pump and the inspection of the main control loop.

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