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Fire Control System

Issuing time:2019-07-24 00:00

The fire and electric control device is generally composed of a fire pump control cabinet, a dual power supply cabinet, and a fire pump automatic inspection cabinet. They (hereinafter referred to as fire-fighting equipment) have the following functions:

1: The dual power supply is responsible for supplying power to the fire patrol control cabinet root patrol cabinet. One of them is for mains power, and the other is for diesel generator (or EPS emergency power supply) to ensure stable operation of fire protection;

2: The function of the fire pump control cabinet is (water supply and fire). When the fire occurs, the pump is freely controlled by the pipeline pressure switch, the high water tank outlet flow switch, the wet alarm valve pressure switch, the fire hydrant button, the fire linkage controller and other inductive switches; However, the occurrence of a fire is very important in the entire fire protection system, and it is necessary to ensure the timeliness, stability and safety of its operation;

3: The function of the automatic inspection cabinet of the fire pump is (derusting). When there is no fire and the fire control cabinet is not working, the automatic low frequency and no pressure operation will prevent the pump from running for a long time and the pump blades will rust; In the case of an automatic patrol cabinet without a fire pump, it may happen that when the fire occurs, the pump cannot be started due to rust, and it is impossible to extinguish the fire in time, and the accident is caused, irrespective of economic or personal injury.

From the above, we fully recognize the role of each control device, so we must ensure its normal operation, from a professional point of view should start from the following:

1, the chain problem

In the fire pump system, the fire pump control cabinet and the fire pump automatic inspection cabinet must be started according to the sequence, in order to ensure the normal operation of the components, otherwise the components may be burned (inverter, soft start, contactor, dual power supply, etc.) Therefore, it is necessary to chain the entire device in order to form a sequence. From the aspect of product consistency, the fire-fighting equipment is safely provided by one company. In terms of economic considerations, fire-fighting complete sets are supplied by two or more. Due to various factors such as the design concept, habits and understanding of fire-fighting installation engineers, the connection interface may be reserved. The pump does not start properly, causing an incalculable loss in the event of a fire.

2, after-sales problems

If the fire-fighting equipment uses two or more products, due to the linkage of the products, if the problem is eliminated (such as a chain of excuses not remaining properly, etc., the on-site fire-fighting equipment linkage is unstable or not working when it starts) may cause Manufacturers push each other and smash the skin, not only can not solve the problem in time, but also affect the on-site commissioning, acceptance progress and stable operation of the equipment.

3, maintenance issues

The fire control equipment is a long-term equipment. If two or more products are used, it will cause a series of problems for the later maintenance, and the problems of the above-mentioned after-sales will still be formed. If one product is used, all products of the fire-fighting equipment can be fully maintained (the fire-fighting equipment manufacturer can follow up the follow-up services such as product component performance, product update and upgrade, etc.), reducing the maintenance cost and time cost of the user. It also ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

The reliability and stability of fire control equipment is very important to us in the event of a fire. In recent years, the state's emphasis on fire protection has increased year by year, and corresponding fire laws and regulations have been promulgated to investigate the life-long system of accidents. We all know that when the fire does not happen, everyone has nothing to worry about; once the fire occurs, the product can not operate normally, the loss is not only money, but also bear the corresponding legal responsibility. It is recommended that every fire-related personnel (whether direct or indirect) should pay attention to it and build a safe and reliable fire safety protection network for the country, others, themselves and their families.

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